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Improve Athletic Performance

VR sports vision training for baseball, soccer, volleyball, golf, football, and more!

High School Basketball Game

Does Your Student Train Hard, But Struggle With Aim & Accuracy?

Gamified sports vision training may help!

Eyes In Sync makes learning fun by training in an immersive 3D world.
Our VR games are designed for the athlete who:

Baseball Catcher
  • Possesses perfect technique, but imperfect aim and accuracy.

  • Frequently misjudges the speed of a ball, object, or player.

  • Frequently misjudges the location of the ball, object, or player. 

  • Regularly “misses” when hitting, shooting, catching, and aiming.

  • Collides with other players more than the average athlete.

  • Struggles with eye-hand coordination on and off the field or court.

Image by Peter Drew

What is
Binocular Vision?

Binocular vision is the ability to use both eyes together, and be able to perceive and interact with the world around us in three dimensions. It involves aligning the eyes and integrating the images they see to create a single visual image.  Binocular vision is important for spatial awareness, depth perception, and judging distance.  Athletes of every age and skill level can struggle with binocular vision skills. 

oculus quest 2 on white desk with lamp_e


Explore a mysterious world of magical crystals and fantastical creatures by solving

3-Dimensional puzzles and completing immersive challenges. 

A gamified way to improve depth perception when hitting, catching, kicking, aiming, and maneuvering the court or field.


Meta Quest VR goggles are required to play our visual-spatial processing games.

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