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Gamified Exercises for Reading Fluency, Athletic Aim, & Visual Processing Disorders

There’s no need to be diagnosed with a visual processing disorder to benefit from The Crystal Key!

Eyes In Sync was founded in 2015 by 3 moms: a neuroscientist, an optometrist, and an education specialist. Understanding the high rate of undiagnosed vision disorders and their negative impact on a student’s self-confidence, academic success, and athletic performance, we joined together to develop a meaningful solution. Our mission is to provide gamified visual skills training and exercises that are fun, engaging, affordable, and accessible.


Our VR games combine current research and cutting-edge technology to optimize academic and athletic performance. Benefit from increased reading speed, attention, and fluency, to improved athletic performance. Our patent-pending technology was funded by the National Science Foundation. All you need to play are Meta Quest VR goggles.

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Our games don’t diagnose vision disorders or replace the need for regular eye exams. Students love to play our games and parents, educators, and coaches love the results!

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National Science Foundation


20% of students suffer from undiagnosed vision and learning disorders.

 In-school vision screening only detects 20% to 30% of vision problems.

25% of students have vision problems that affect their academic performance.

Over 60% of students who read below grade level have binocular vision disorders.

Meet The Team

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Maureen Powers, Ph.D.

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Nationally recognized vision scientist in the area of visual reading skills.  Twenty year career as Professor of Psychology in Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University.  Provides leadership and direction for Eyes In Sync.

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VP, Clinical Applications

Gina Day, O.D.

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Optometrist in private practice for over 30 years, specializing in vision therapy.  Ensures optometric standards are applied.  Also provides practical and innovative input for game development and testing.

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VP, Educational Applications

Mira Halpert, M.A.

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Educator and owner of successful educational counseling firm.  Liaison with education specialists, schools, and parent groups.  Advises on educational content of our games.

VR Goggles


Even without a diagnosed visual processing disorder, our game inspires confidence in academics and athletics. Download The Crystal Key game today!

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